I (We) the undersigned, being property owner(s) in Highland Hills Maintenance Commission (the “Commission” or HHMC), herby submit this ballot on the issues presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Commission to he held on the ADD DATE and any adjournments and continuations thereof, and vote as follows:


Issue 1:  Proposed HHMC Budget 2021

Issue 2:  Election of Trustees

Specific the name of each candidate, if any you vote for (up to a maximum of three candidates).  If you choose not to vote for a candidate, specify "Abstain."

First Name Here

Second Name Here

Third Name Here  The three candidates receiving g the most votes will be elected for terms beginning January 1, 2021.

Issue 3:

Approval for waiver of audit of 2020


I (We) appoint Fritz Langenbacher, Treasurer of the Commission, (OR insert name here if you don’t want the Board’s representative as your proxy) _________________________________

as my (our) Proxy to act on my (our) behalf on all matters that come before the Meeting as follows:


  1. My (our) Proxy shall not vote or act in any contrary to the votes we have cast as set forth above;


  1. If I (we) have not cast any vote on a particular ballot issue, then our Proxy shall cast a vote on our behalf as he/she deems appropriate.


  1. As to all unscheduled matters or business that comes before the Meeting, our Proxy shall vote as he/she deems appropriate.


Note:  In the event a member’s designated Proxy is unable to attend the Meeting, the Proxy must appoint a substitute to exercise the member’s Proxy voting rights.



  1. We certify and acknowledge that, if our property is owned by multiple owners, including spouses in joint tenancy, then the governing document specify that the  vote for the property is to be exercised as the owners among themselves determine.  If this Ballot & Proxy Appointment form is signed by fewer than all of the owners of a property, then each owner signing this form certifies by such signature that such owner is authorized, by the determination among all the owners of the property, to execute this instrument and to exercise the vote for the property.

  2. If I (we) are signing this document in a presentative capacity (on the behalf of a corporation or partnership, as trustee or in some other fiduciary capacity, as attorney-in-fact, or otherwise, we certify by our signature that such person is duly authorized to sign this form in such representative capacity.

This proxy is not valid unless it has been signed and properly dated at the time of signature.  No postdated proxies are allowed.


Dated this _________ day of _____________________, 2020.


Name(s) of recorded owner(s):  



Important:  Please sign your name legibly and print name


Signature line:   ___________________________________________________________


Print Name:  _____________________________________________________________


Signature line:   ___________________________________________________________


Print Name:  _____________________________________________________________

REVOCATION OF PROXY:  I (we) herby revoke any Proxy or power of attorney relating to the voting of my (our) membership previously signed or granted to me (us).  Any proxy which is not hand dated by me (us) at the time of execution shall be deemed to have been executed before this proxy appointment form and is revoked hereby.


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