Being Queen

Being a Queen is not all it is cracked up to be. Ernylee was an outsider and most of the citizens of the Kingdom were not happy. She began by meeting with the leaders of the land, and her first act was to form the “Magic Council.” She knew that they were powerful and with them helping her instead of working against her, maybe she could start doing good.

It took months to get the Council formed and it was imperative to get ALL magical people to agree to the Council. The Queen decreed that she had no power over the Council and that they alone would rule over the magical forces in the Kingdom. All she asked was to be included in their meetings and know of any decisions they made.

She learned that magic did not just come from witches, wizards and shaman. All the different people of the Kingdom had magical members that they depended on to protect them and help them in the time of need. She also knows that not all of the magical people were good and there was bound to be issues in the future.

A charter was drawn up, and for the first time in the history of the Kingdom, all magical beings agreed to meet and try to bring justice and peace to all people.

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