Theta Pi Alpha θΠΛ


Vision:  Develop Healthy Young Women who are Leaders of their communities

Colors:  Red, Gold, and Black (Colors of energy, power and prepared for the unknown)

Symbol:  Fleur de Lis 

Flower:  Lily (as in fleur de lis)

Mascot:  Frog

Motto: "Osculum mihi non ad rana Reginae" (*You don't have to kiss a frog to become a princess)

The θΠΛ Sorority was founded by in 2000 by the Queen of Bellelealand in support of THE PRINCESS ACADEMY staff.  All students of THE PRINCESS ACADEMY are invited to become members of the Theta Pi Alpha Sorority.  The θΠΛ sorority is a social, educational and service organization.  The sisters are encouraged to have fun, make friends, participate in community support projects, and support each other in their school studies and social growth.  It is governed by a charter and the sorority sisters who elect officers. 


Each president, elected annually,  presides over the members under the supervision of THE PRINCESS ACADEMY Headmistress, Agnes Goldenrod.  The president selects her own motto, color, and flower which is used during her presidency.